Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crawford Manor - Custom made Dolls

I am absolutely in awe of these beautifully crafted dolls created by Cheryl Crawford!! I love how she has transformed so many iconic characters from history or from classic literature into such gorgeous creations. How I would love to have them all! The following are just a sample of Cheryl's dolls (many of which have won awards).

Make sure to visit her official site Crawford Manor
to see more dolls and see these in greater detail!
(Most of the dolls below can be found in Tyler's Gallery)
(Cheryl has said that she will be unveiling a new site in the near future as well!)

Empress Elizabeth of Austria "Sissi"

1 - Marie Antoinette with daughter Princess Marie
2 - Marie Antoinette (Opera Box outfit)
3 - Sidonie (lady from the Versailles court)

1- Court of Louis XV
2- Angelique & Joffrey, based on 'The Corriders of the Louvre' by Sergeanne Golon

1 - Queen Elizabeth of York
2 - Queen Elizabeth I
3- Joan of Kent (1st Princess of Wales)

1 - Mary, Queen of Scots
2 - Empress Eugenie of Austria

1 - Queen Anne of Britain
2 - Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine

1 & 2 - Anne Boleyn
3 - Anne of Austria

Guinevere & Morgane Le Fay (from King Arthur)

Phantom of the Opera... and in her wedding dress

1 - Claire & Jamie (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon)
2- Aragorn & Arwen (Lord of the Rings)
3 - Goldberry (Lord of the Rings)

1 - Rebecca (Regency era)
2 - Amy & Holly (Victorian era)

1 - Anna Karenina (based on Tom Tierney's paper doll version)
2 - Phillipa (Victorian era)
3 - Emma (Regency era)

Delphine & Audra (both 18th century)

1 - "Bride for all ages"
2 - Elizabeth Bennett
3 - Amelia (Regency era)

>>More of these lovely dolls can be found at official site of
Crawford Manor

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