Friday, July 15, 2011

Roger M. Buergel appointed the Artistic Director of Busan Biennale 2012

Busan Biennale

Busan Biennale Organizing Committee

38, Busan Asiad Main Stadium, Worldcup St.
123 Yeonje-Gu
Busan 611-809, Korea
T 82-51-503-6111 / F 82-51-503-6584

The Busan Biennale Organizing Committee has appointed Roger M. Buergel
(artistic director of Documenta Ⅻ Kassel) as the artistic director of Busan
Biennale 2012.

Buergel is a seasoned exhibition organizer born in 1962 in Berlin. He
his education from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and studied under the
Australian artist Hermann Nitsch for 3 years. He served as a guest curator
the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona and the artistic director of
Documenta Ⅻ Kassel. He also curated exhibitions that won critical acclaims,
such as "Barely Something. On Ai Weiwei" (2010, Museum DKM), "The
(2003–2005, University Art Gallery Luneburg, Museum d'Art Contemporari de
Barcelona, Miami Art Central, Witte de with Center for Contemporary Art,
Rotterdam Secession) and "The Subject and Power" (2001, Central House of the
Art). He taught in Luneburg University (2002–2005, Luneburg) and the Academy
of Fine Arts (2007–2009, Karlsruhe), contributing significantly to the
education of young artists.

Buergel suggested the concept of "Garden of Learning" for Busan Biennale
in which councils consisting of 10 to 15 citizens and one or two artists
be formed. The members of these councils would collaborate with one another
produce artworks to be presented at the Biennale. He emphasized that
production of artworks through collaboration not only would provide the
council members with a deep knowledge of and a strong sense of belonging to
the artworks but also could be reproduced as a variety of programs in which
the council members educate the wider audience about the artworks by
explaining or debating the concept of the works. Furthermore, in the process
of collaboration, artists will also gain a valuable opportunity to debate
their proposals with the public and produce artworks that would have a long
and lasting effect on the community. He was also confident that Busan with
rich cultural resources as well as its scenic nature is a perfect venue for
such a project and that this project will succeed the public-friendly
tradition of the Biennale, providing the vision for Busan as a city of

Buergel's concept which can be summed up as a sharing of artists' creative
experience with the public is very significant from the perspective of
communication between contemporary art and the public. He will actively
utilize his know-how in undertaking this project, combining the internal
elements of the city of Busan and the external elements required for staging
the exhibition. Through these efforts, the Biennale will become an
that highlights the regional characteristics and uniqueness of Busan from a
new perspective.

Considering the current trends and limitations of the international
contemporary art world, the Organizing Committee focused in selecting the
Artistic Director on whether the candidates came up with an experimental and
fresh concept that would serve as a turning point and provide a new driving
force for the development of Busan Biennale and whether the concepts were in
line with the basic principles and the direction for the long-term
of the Biennale, such as popularization of contemporary art, urban revival
education. With the newly appointed Artistic Director, the Committee will
begin preparation for Busan Biennale 2012 in earnest, starting from the
establishment of basic exhibition plans and system for organizing the

For inquires contact:
Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
38, Busan Asiad Main Stadium, Worldcup st.123 Yeonje-Gu, Busan, 611-809,
T 82-51-503-6111 / F 82-51-503-6584 / <>

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