Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy!

Kim Kardashian look alike Old Navy  Wire Images
I just found out through TMZ that there is Kim Kardashian lawsuit against Old Navy. Reportedly Kim Kardashian claims that Old Navy used a Kim Kardashian look alike to make the people think that Kim Kardashian was affiliated with Old Navy. Kim Kardashian claims it has made her lost millions, according to the website. Some of the comments I've read include that Kim Kardashian is jealous of Kim Kardashian look alike because she is dating Reggie Bush. Other comments around the web say that if Old Navy didn't claim it was Kim Kardashian through their tweets, then what is the point of suing them? Thoughts? Do you think that Old Navy did this to save themselves a few bucks? What if they did want to save a few bucks? Did they really do something illegal? Would it have been a different case if they wouldn't have mentioned Kim Kardashian Twitter id through their tweets? Speak your mind!

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