Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is Lea Michele leaving Glee? I think so!

Is Lea Michele leaving Glee? PictureGroup
According to People, the Lea Michele leaving Glee situation is actually a true thing! When is Lea Michele leaving Glee? Lea Michele would be leaving Glee at the end of Glee season 3. Reportedly Ryan Murphy (co-creator of Glee)  said to The Hollywood Reporter  that the reason why Lea Michele is leaving Glee in addition to other characters, is to preserve the integrity of the show (in similar words). So well, that means that once Lea Michele graduates, that's it, Lea Michele will be leaving Glee. Do you think that they Glee can still keep Lea Michele if they decide to give her a different role just so that she stays around, or do you think that this is it for Lea Michele?

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