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Exclusive interview with Chris Jacobs.

Chris Jacobs @ChrisJacobs7
Chris Jacobs is one of the journalists I've always looked up to. His professional approaches when covering high profile stories, his charisma, and his broad experience in the entertainment world are just a few of the characteristics that make him a one of a kind entertainment expert. As most of you know, The former co-host of The Insider is now an entertainment correspondent of Entertainment Tonight. In this exclusive interview, the actor opens up about his sudden move to Entertainment Tonight, his experience during the Royal Wedding, and last but not least, he tell us what he thinks about Hugh Hefner after the news of his last break up surfaced throughout the nation.

Chris Jacobs
1. So you had the magnificent opportunity of covering the Royal Wedding! Can you share with us some of your experiences? As an entertainment news expert, how do you compare the British media to the American one?
Covering the Royal Wedding was a really cool experience. Not only because I had never been to London before, but to be there for such a historically significant event was truly amazing. I was there for 10 days and was able to explore the entire city and take in all the Royal fever. The British media is very similar to the American media but perhaps certain British outlets can be a bit more sensationalistic. Evidence of this is the recent shutting down of the News of the World.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs and Jerry Springer
 2. Let's talk about your shocking move from The Insider to Entertainment Tonight. We were so used to watch you host The Insider! Was it an easy transition?
The transition from The Insider to ET was relatively easy. Both shows are produced by the same company so I didn't have to change locations. The main difference was getting used to not being on the desk every day opening and closing the show. For ET  I travel a lot, so I have to be ready to jet off to any destination at a moments notice. I always pack extra clothes just in case I have to extend my trip or go to another location.

Harrison Ford and Chris Jacobs
 3. What is your opinion on how celebrities get sometimes judged about what they post on Twitter? Do you think that we should blame the bloggers, journalists, and critics that do so, or should the celebrities feel totally responsible for what they say or do on Twitter?
My opinion on celebs on Twitter is this: It's no different from how it ever was except that Twitter is immediate. Celebs have always given their unedited opinions but before Twitter it as delayed until the article, interview or show segment was circulated. I love Twitter, use it all the time myself and think it's a great way for luminaries to be in constant contact with their fans.

Chris Jacobs and Jane Lynch
4. Most of us are aware that you were previously a lawyer. It's kind of funny because Harvey Levin from TMZ  had also established a law career earlier in life! Now, it's quite interesting how some of the most famous entertainment professionals have exclusively come from different backgrounds. In your case, how did you emerge into the entertainment industry?
A law career for me was always a back up plan. If I hadn't succeeded in the entertainment business, I would have become a criminal lawyer. Criminal trials have always fascinated me and I'm lucky that a lot of what ET covers has a legal aspect to it.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris
5. Hugh Hefner was able to respond very well to the critics that him and Crystal Harris received as soon as they announced that they were engaged. While they were together he had always been aware that a lot of people were making fun of their difference in age despite he always reinforced that they had a lot in common. Do you think that those who publicly criticized their relationship in a negative way made the wrong assumptions?
Hef is a very savvy businessman and will always recognize and capitalize on opportunities to further his public image. In his case more than anything, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Chris Jacobs and Crystal Harris
Chris Jacobs and Kristen Stewart
6. You're such as skilled interviewer! I got to say that I'm a huge fan of yours and will always look up to you and your unbelievable work. It  would be an honor if you could please answer this question for me: What makes an outstanding interviewer like you?
My interview style doesn't come from practice or any conscious effort during an interview. Basically I just try to have a conversation with my subject and let the interview unfold organically. Of course I have a set of topics in my mind that I want to cover, but I am always ready to allow the discussion to flow in an unexpected direction. I guess the only skill you have to have is being able to listen to the answer currently being given while at the same time thinking about what my next question is going to be. I try not to use notes while I'm interviewing someone, this allows me to be more organic and present for the interview.

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