Monday, July 18, 2011

Creepy Doug Hutchinson Dishes About 16-Year-Old Bride

There are two main ways that you may familiar with Doug Hutchinson. He played a hippie in the epic series LOST, and, well, he married an underage girl. When the news first hit about Hutchinson and 16-year-old Courtney Alexis Stodden, the 51-year-old was roundly criticized for being a cradle-robber. How could it be that an old man could walk off into the sunset with such a young bride without getting in trouble? Well, you can thank the laws in Clark County Nevada, which make it legal so long as there is parental consent. Now that some time has passed and the dust settled, Hutchinson has finally come forward to explain himself a little more. All of the juicy quotes can be found at RadarOnline. I must warn you keep a barf bag handy. In other news: Wait, why was Bret Michaels epic cruise canceled? – Bumpshack. Have you seen the douche that Tiger Woods? ex-wife is running around with these days? ? Celebrity Smack! What could possibly make Selena Gomez jealous? ? Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Looks like Lady Gaga may be going the Angelina Jolie route with pans for adoption ? Celebrity Baby Laundry. Hef is finally dishing on what [...]


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