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Breaking Dawn Cast @ Comic Con - Pressekonferenz

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Nun geht es gleich los mit Rob, Kristen, Taylor und Bill Condon...


Updates werden folgen...

Okayyy...Vorstellung von Bill, Kristen, Taylor und Rob

Rob hatte Probleme seinen Stuhl zu finden-typisch :D

Frage 1: Wie war der Dreh in Brasilien? Wie ist es, wenn man überall auf der Welt geliebt wird?

Bill Condon: I know it's very hard (laughs). Filming in Brazil was great. It was amazing.. that's where Stephenie wrote the honeymoon. To actually go there was great. We found the area she described. We got stranded.

Kristen: It was nice being able to shoot on the actual streets. To see that within the context of the movie is jarring. 

Rob: I'm just going to moderate. It's nice. One of the nice things about having an international fan base.. going to different countries there are different fan reactions. In Brazil fans would literally try to go up and grab you on the set. It was fun. In the shot.

Taylor: I do love Brazil but I was not there. They came back and showed me this picture of an extra who looked just like me. They showed me this picture.. it was the weirdest thing. Didn't you guys have to place him further back in case the camera showed up?

Kristen: He looked like an Eclipse poster.

Bill: (joking) we rewrote the story and included you!

Frage 2: Selbe Frage wie vorhin schon..Ob BD der letzte Twilight Film sein wird?

Rob: Like, "Breakfast time." (laughs) "Twilight, Eclipse, Brunch"..

Rob: it's up to Stephenie really.

Taylor: I agree.

Bill: It's the end of the Bella/Edward story. Especially in the second movie there are so many new characters I expect she'll want to revisit them at some point.

Taylor: It sounds like oyu have some secret knowledge!

Frage 3: Von all den Twilight Filmen, welcherSzene war die am meisten abgesichertste und welche nicht?

 Kristen: The wedding was insane. Secret service style. The crew was incredibly inconvienenced. No cell phone, etc. They wanted to keep the dress secret. 

Bill: There was a helicopter as soon as you were ready to take the vows.

Kristen: I had a volturi cloak on cause I had to cover up and that was the only thing we could use.

Frage 4 - für Kristen: Breaking Dawn war eine emotionale Reise. Wie war es für mehrere Monate zu drehen und wie haben sich Bellas Veränderungen auf dich ausgewirkt? 

Kristen:This one really is loaded with cathartic, impactful huge life moments and they're not all fantasy. They're very rooted in reality that I can completely see myself in. Anyone who reads the book can imagine them in it themselves. I can't let the book punch me in the face every morning. You have to let the moments happen. And they did. And we just went for it. A lot of it.. I feel it was very, very close to the book. At the same time we added bits that suprrised me too in the more iconic bits. In the wedding, at the honeymoon. 

Bill Condon: There is no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen (Kristen: Aw). She's always there like, "I know what it felt like when I read this the first time." You put that pressure on yourself. It's true.

Frage 5: Spezielle Lieblingsszene in BD?

Bill Condon: I have a lot of them.

Taylor: I've always been able to choose one. But this one.. I can't. It's just hard! Jacob changes so much from the beginning to the end, it's hard to choose.  

Kristen: There's a scene with me and Charlie at the wedding that I love so much. And also one with Rene. 

Rob: The birth scene is so different to everything else in the movie. For a fantasy it has a young audience but it goes quite far. It's quite graphic. It was when we shot it anyway. There's no other way to do it though. 

Frage 6: Ob sie sich manchmal wünschen, dass es sich bei den Filmen um Indie Filme handeln würde? Und wie sie die enormen Ablenkungen ausblenden.

Kristen: If this was a tiny film we ran on sundance we would not be able to do the movie justice. This one is really a big movie and it's nice to be indulgent. it's nice to shoot for 6 months with an A LISTER! we wouldn't be doing the press conference. we'd be sitting in some cool little lofty place. what i'm saying is there's no different. we'd be having this same conversation probably. 

Das vollkommene Transkript findet ihr HIER

Ashleys, Liz´, Nikki´s, Julias und Booboo´s PK Interview findet ihr nach dem *Klick*

Laut Summit wird es keine Live Übertragung der PK geben - Videos werden wohl später auftreten. Also verlassen wir uns auf die Tweets und Live Blogs ;)

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Los gehts in einer Minute...Die Presse wartet...

Die Einweisung/Begrüßung der Presse beginnt.

Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, BooBoo Stewart sind auf der Bühne.

Gruppenfoto via 

Better group picture of the Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones and Boo-Boo Stewart. #BreakingDawn

und das hier via 
Summit BD press conference

Frage  Erste Comic Con?

Antwort Liz: Reaser: No, first came on a bus. NEver really done it for real. We just went out and met the fans on the street at 6 AM. It was amazing. 

A Ashley: We've done panels but this is definitely starting off a lot more interesting because of the interaction with fans. 

A Nikki: I've been here before. I'm very amused and entertained by people on the streets. Wanted to get out there to see what's going on.  

A Julia: This is my first Comic Con. I have a general sense that we're in for a lot even though I don't know what. Yesterday I saw people dressed as all kinds of things. Fruit Ninjas... 

A Booboo: I came last year just as a fan. I like comics and stuff. But yeah, this is my first time doing panels.

Frage 2: Wie war die Stimmung am letzten Drehtag?

Liz REaser, Reed, Greene lachen

Liz: it was such a complicated experience. We all had different wrap days. I happened to be there with Kellan, Peter.. we had this surreal experience with being leftover in canada. It was a nightshoot and everyone else was gone, including Bill Condon. It was this weird thing where I had to finish stunts. Peter Facinelli and I had a little dinner together. It was one of those things where you can't capture.. it's just so weird to end something. I was in shock. But I knew we'd be promoting the films for a couple more years so it's not over yet. 

Frage 3: Werden die BD Filme das Ende der Saga sein oder wird es noch weitere Filme geben?
Greene: Who knows. Fans are certainly passionate. There's definitely an opportunity for it. As far as we know, we're finished.
Reaser: I think Stephenie is done with us.

Frage 4: Gravierende Unterschiede zwischen den Dreharbeiten zu BD 1 und 2?

Greene: We shot them all together. We had to play close attention to make sure we knew hwere our characters were. It got a little tricky.

Reaser: I thought of it in terms of, "which uncomfortable shoes am i wearing today?" that's how i knew which movie i was shooting. 

Condon made it clear where we were. 

Frage an Nikki: Dein Charakter ist nicht gerade gut auf Bella zu sprechen. Wie verändert sie sich in den letzten beiden Filmen?

They find a middle ground so they understand each other. Rosalie finds a mom so she finds a way to work through her anger to be that mom to Bella's child in a sense. It hasn't been THAT bad between them. A lot of it is implied but you don't see much of it. 

Frage 6: Lieblingszeile?

  Reed: I was a bit theatrical back then. 

Greene: I don't know. Alice is always saying "Bella!" 

Jones: My character has some mean one liners. (booboo laughs) he obviously agrees. I'm trying to think. I'm thinking of one.. has to do with Bella being dead already. 

BooBoo Stewart: Hmm. In Eclipse I didn't say a lot. When I say "Jake!"  

Frage 7: Bevor sie gecastet waren-Team Wolf oder Vampir?
Reaser and Greene: I was a fan of vampires.

Reed: Uh no. I just didn't think much about them. I wasn't a fan but it wasn't for a reason. 
Jones: I'm more like Nikki. I ahdn't thought about it much. I was nerdy in a totally different way. I wasn't down with pop culture. 
Frage 8: Die Fans sind besonders gespannt auf die Hochzeit. wie war es, Kristen und Rob in ihren Charakteren heiraten zu sehen?
Greene: It's weird watching someone walk down the aisle. At least filming wise, we do have the most fun when we're all together. Like the baseball scene in Twilight.

Reaser: it's so beautiful. it's a dream wedding. i'm not allowed to say anything about it. i want to tell you about how amazing it was but i can't. and alice planned it all. mainly i did but i give her all the credit. 
booboo stewart: i just thought it was really cold outside. I was sitting in the back freezing cold.

reaser: weren't you wearing clothes though?

booboo: yeah, but you guys were wearing less (wedding dresses) 

Frage 9: Würdet ihr für irgendetwas in den Straßen Campen? 

booboo stewart: lord of the rings.

greene: i haven't had something like that. that's part of the reason why i have so much respect for our fans.. they found something they're so passionate about.  

reaser: if i knew the white stripes were going to come to the tent. if i knew for sure. the fans outside here didn't know we were coming. that's amazing to me. but if i had known about the white stripes, i would. but i'd like to be under safari tents. 

Frage 10: Es werden einige neue Rollen in BD zu finden sein. Hattet ihr irgendwelche speziellen Szenen mit den "Neuen"?

reaser: the egyptians were cool. there were all these international vampires all of the sudden. these very different, sexy vampires. the denali sisters with their leather jackets and their fur. we were like, "we're the cullens. what's going on here?" 

reaser: and those nutty romanian guys. their outfits were very S&M inspired. a lot of great, great new characters. it was a lot of fun.

Reed: Lee Pace.

they're naming others but hard to keep track of.

BooBoo: Maggie Grace. It was so cool meeting her. She was in the movie Taken. Iwas like 'oh my gosh this is so cool"

Frage 11: Wie fanden sie die Dreharbeiten in Brasilien? 
LOL für die Antwort :D

Answer: none of us went to brazil, unfortunately 

Letzte Frage 12: Habt ihr irgendetwas vom Set mitgenommen?

Greene: Reaser, you'd take your wig wouldn't you? 

Reaser: I took socks just cause I needed them.  

Greene: I took an american apparel sweater.

Reed: Kristen took my necklace. I was going to take it otherwise.  

Jones: I took a ton of makeup. If i could've taken something I'd take the cut offs. I could wear cut offs every day. 

BooBoo: I took a lot of cut offs (laughs). Kidding.. If i could've taken something I would've taken my shoes. My shoes were really comfortable on set! 

Frage 13: Lieblings Fantreffen?

Jones: I saw a woman once who had a night gown on. She glued cotton and feathers to her skin and painted bruises all over. And I was like "What is that?" I realized she was dressed us as Bella post Brazil 

Jones: That wasn't today but (laughs). Creative! 

BooBoo: One time I was doing pictures and there was a lady in her 40s and after the picture she turned and asked if I wanted to make out. I was in shock and she awkwardly walked away. 

Reaser: How old was she?
BooBoo: She was a lady (Laughs) 

Reaser: the weirdest encounters are when people talk about the young mens bodies. You know, when Taylor was still a boy and much older ladies were talking about his body. it was crazy. 

Letzte Frage - nochmal^^ ...diesmal an Ashley: Deine Perücke hat einige Wandlungen durchgemacht. Was war der Grund, dass sie letztlich im Film nun so aussah?

Greene: For me, that's what I've always had in my mind for Alice. Bill Condon agreed. With every installment of the saga we were trying to get it exactly right and tweak it a bit and see how much we could push our luck. But I was very excited and working with Bill and the hair and make up team to make Alice's look a little more modern. 


Die Reihenfolge ist wie folgt:

9 AM: Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones, Booboo Stewart
9:30 AM: Divergent author Veronica Roth 

9:45 AM: Warm Bodies author Isaac Marion

10 AM: Night Circus author Erin Morgenstern

10:15 AM Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Bill Condon

Die Pressekonferenz beginnt in 9 Minuten und laut den aktuellen Tweets ist die Schlange der Presse länger als die der Fans vor der Halle H :D haha-wie geil!

7 chairs..... RT Inside the press conf RT :

Line for journalists to get into TWILIGHT press conferences is longer than line for hall h. Seriously

Bild aus dem Presseraum



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