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Art Knowledge News - Keeping You in Touch with the World of Art...

Art Knowledge News - Keeping You in Touch with the World of Art...

  • The Lowe Art Museum Shows "Sacred Stories - Timeless Tales" <#1>
  • The Vegas Gallery Presents Gemma Nelson's First London Solo Show <#2>
  • Yue Minjun Warriors Stand in Formation at the Milwaukee Art Museum <#3>
  • The Rice/Polak Gallery To Host Steven Skollar's UFOs <#4>
  • The Haight-Ashbury Collection of Original Psychedelic Art at Heritage Auctions <#5>
  • Czech Abstract Painter Zdenek Sykora Dies ~ Pioneer in Computer Geometrical Paintings <#6>
  • Online Followers Participate in Brooklyn Museum's Latest Exhibition "Split Second" <#7>
  • The Garboushian Gallery To Present Yvette Gellis' Large Scale Paintings <#8>
  • The Sammlung Essl at Klosterneuberg ~ Austrias Biggest Private Collection of Contemporary Art ~ Toured By AKN Editor <#9>
  • K20 Kunstsammlung am Grabbeplatz Museum shows Masterpieces <#10>
  • PortugalArte 10 ~ A New Month-Long Bi-annual Art Exhibition <#11>
  • Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art presents USA Today Exhibition <#12>
  • Hermitage Museum & Saatchi Gallery to Present Some of the Most Exciting Artists in the UK <#13>
  • High Museum will Premiere Exhibition of Digital Portraits by Photographer Robert Weingarten <#14>
  • Stolen Work By Jean-Leon Gérôme Discovered & Recovered <#15>
  • Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart at SFMOMA <#16>
  • MCA Denver Showcases Large-Scale Works by Damien Hirst <#17>
  • Mark Wallinger Retrospective at Kunstverein Braunschweig <#18>
  • Tom Otterness Sculpture in DUMBO <#19>
  • This Week in Review in Art Knowledge News <#20>

Miami, FL.- The Lowe Art  Museum is proud to present "Sacred Stories, Timeless Tales: Mythic  Traditions in World Art". "Sacred Stories, Timeless Tales" addresses  multi-cultural mythic traditions in art, drawn exclusively from the permanent  collection of the Lowe Art Museum, which distinguishes itself among South  Florida art museums by the depth and breadth of its holdings, which span 5,000  years and represent the art of Europe, the Americas, pan-Asia, and Africa.  Concepts of creation, love, morality, mortality, seasonal regeneration, the  cosmos, beauty, divinity, heroes, and war are explored in some 100 examples of  ceramics, paintings, works on paper, sculpture, and textiles. "Sacred Stories,  Timeless Tales" is on view at the museum through October 23rd.

Mythic traditions are rooted in fictitious, symbolic narratives developed  by cultures through time, which address the relationship between the  inexplicable and the explicable, between the powers and forces that control the  world and the human beings who occupy that world. Frequently reflecting regional  differences, these sacred stories helped, and in some present-day cultures  continue to help elucidate a people’s religion, history, value systems, rituals,  and concepts of self. As myths exist apart from, and are not dependent upon,  verifiable facts or scientific objectivity for their impact on society, they  typically involve deities, heroes, wondrous creatures, and fantastic events.  Some renderings faithfully adhere to time-honored visual conventions. Others  reflect more personal interpretations of traditional subject matter.

Among the featured objects are a 6th century BCE Greek, black-figure  hydria, which describes a myth about the goddess Athena in the presence of Ajax  and Achilles; "The Judgment of Paris" by Jacob Jordaens, painted around 1620;  storyteller  figure by Native American artist Mary  Trujillo; an African Kuba mask known as Moshambwooy that represents the  myth of the ancestral figure Woot;  a 19th century Japanese wood-block  print that relates a ghost story; Richard Stankiewicz’s scrap metal sculpture,  The River Styx, from 1953; "St. George" by Moises Finale; "Persephone" by Theodore Stamos from 1945; a contemporary metal cutout of a  siren by Haitian artist Serge Jolimeau; and a 10th century sandstone sculpture  of Ganesha Breaking His Tusk to Throw at the Moon.

Mythological narratives were originally transmitted and preserved orally,  during eras when people could neither read nor write, and paper was not  available. Written traditions did not develop until a later moment on mankind’s  cultural time line, as scribes and poets sought to formally preserve stories in  writing, lest they disappear. Artistic expression dramatically bridges both  word-based systems, transforming into vivid pictorial or sculptural forms,  concepts that spoken and textual forms of communication can only convey through  mental images. Regardless of cultural derivation or individual inspiration, all  the works on the exhibition represent an artistic urge to visually address those  universal questions to which mythologies respond, and which unite humankind  through time.

From its origins in three classrooms in 1950, the history of the Lowe Art  Museum reflects an unswerving commitment to fulfill its mission to serve the  University of Miami as a teaching resource, and the residents of and visitors to  greater Miami as its major general art museum. The Lowe's success in fulfilling  its mission is confirmed by an extraordinary and ongoing outpouring of support  for the museum and its collections. With the gift in 1950 by philanthropists Joe  and Emily Lowe, a free-standing museum facility opened to the public in 1952,  the first art museum in South Florida. It's 17,500–object collection is one of  the most important in the southeast, with strengths in Renaissance and Baroque,  American, Ancient and Native American, and Asian art.The development of its  highly regarded collection is traced through sustained support from Miami and  winter resident patrons who, from its beginning, have supported the Lowe with  major gifts of art and funding. A 1956 donation by Alfred I. Barton brought one  of the country's finest collections of Native American art. In 1954, the Lowe  was designated the only Florida recipient in a national distribution of the  Samuel H. Kress Foundation collection, and, in 1961,  constructed a 2,100 square foot gallery to house the 41 Renaissance and Baroque  paintings and sculptures that are the backbone of its Western collection.

The Americas Collection includes 2,000 works surveying art in the Americas  during the 19th and 20th centuries. The Lowe's Ancient American collection was  begun in 1958 but achieved international stature with the gift of 531 works by  Robert M. Bischoff in 1984. The Lowe's important Asian collection was built over  twenty years with superb Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics, painting and  sculpture, donated by Stephen Junkunc III, a Chicago native and Miami winter  resident. The Lowe achieved AAM accreditation in 1972, the first university art  museum in Florida to do so, and was reaccredited in 1987 and 2000. Also in 1987,  the Lowe was designated a “Major Cultural Institution” by the State of Florida.  In 1990, the Lowe was elected to AAMD, one of only three Florida university art  museums awarded this honor. The European Collection encompasses more than 1,500  paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from antiquity through the nineteenth  century, and includes works by Thomas  Gainsborough, Henry  Raeburn, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, and Paul Gauguin. The art of North and south America and the  Caribbean Basin comprises a growing collection, presently numbering some 3,000  works. These include paintings, sculptures, and works on paper from the  nineteenth through the twenty-first centuries, by luminaries such as Rembrandt  Peale, Thomas Sully, Albert Bierstadt, Jasper Francis Cropsey, George Inness, John French Sloan,  Roy Lichtenstein, Fernando Botero, Andy Warhol and Deborah Butterfield. Given its location in south Florida,  the Gateway to the Americas, the Lowe boasts a growing collection of art from  Cuban and Haiti. Visit the museum's website at ...

London.- The Vegas  Gallery is delighted to present "Hello Carousel", the first London solo  show of Young British artist Gemma  Nelson. Since graduating the Slade School Of Fine Art in 2007, Nelson has received high  acclaim. She was flagged as one of the most promising graduates of her year when  featuring in the 2008 Bloomberg New  Contemporaries Exhibition and since then has gone to be shortlisted for  Four New Sensations by the Saatchi  Gallery and nominated as a finalist for the Nationwide Mercury Art Prize. "Gemma Nelson: Hello  Carousel" is on view at the gallery from July 15th through August  13th.

MILWAUKEE, WIS.- The Milwaukee Art  Museum presents the installation Chinese Contemporary Warriors by  world-renowned contemporary artist Yue Minjun, in  conjunction with its Summer of CHINA series of exhibitions. This latest addition  to the ambitious CHINA lineup will be on view through December 2011. Yue Minjun,  a leading contemporary artist based in Beijing, China, is best known for his  self-portrait paintings. Yue casts himself in a variety of large-scale  compositions, and always with a grotesquely wide-mouthed, laughing face.  Referencing the utopian propaganda of earlier Chinese Social realist paintings,  his work creates allegories critical of the Chinese government in works that are  humorously laced with cynicism.

Provincetown, MA.- The Rice/Polak Gallery is proud to present "Steven Skollar: Greetings from  Provincetown", on view at the gallery from July 21st through August 4th. This  year Skollar has wedded his still life objects (specifically flying objects), to  well-known tourist spots on the Cape. With wit and cunning we see the soon to be  invaded and post invasion, like no one has ever imagined. A little dark, a  little sinister, with whimsy and humor, these iconic spots are taken over by  these most unlikely tourists. "Enjoy the sights", the artist says, "' because  the magic happens where the land ends" These arresting works have the power to  both delight and provoke.

DALLAS, TX.- The Haight-Ashbury Collection of original hand-crafted  psychedelic art, original 1960s rock posters, including original work by the  biggest names in the genre - artists Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley, Stanley Mouse,  David Singer and Victor Moscoso, among the many - will be offered as part of  Heritage Auctions July 29th Signature(r) Music &  Entertainment Memorabilia Auction in Dallas. "This amazing collection originated  years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was assembled by a true patron of  the arts," said Garry Shrum, Consignment Director for Music Memorabilia at Heritage. "With aspirations of becoming a  poster artist himself, the collector did the next best thing to working for Bill  Graham - he sought out the individual Fillmore poster artists  themselves."

Prague - Czech painter Zdeněk Sýkora,  known for his geometrical paintings and for being  among the first artists to use computers in his work, has died aged 91, in  Louny, the northern Bohemian city in which he was born. He was among the few  contemporary Czech artists well known abroad, and his works are included in  permanent art collections such as in the Centre  Pompidou in Paris and the MUMOK in Vienna.  Sýkora ranks amongst the elite of artists pursuing geometric tendencies in Czech  art whose beginnings can be found in the early 1960's. Born Feb 3, 1920, in  Louny, Sykora's style gradually developed from landscape paintings in the late  1940s to geometrical abstract structures. In the 1960s, he became one of the  first artists in the world to use computers to help him create geometric  abstract paintings.

BROOKLYN, NY.- Split Second invited the Brooklyn Museum’s online community to participate in a  project that resulted in a small installation of Indian paintings from the  Museum’s permanent collection. Taking its inspiration from the critically  acclaimed book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, by Malcolm  Gladwell, this online experiment and resulting installation explores how our  initial reaction to a work of art is affected by what we know, what we’re asked,  and what we’re told about the object in question.

Beverly Hills, CA.- The Garboushian Gallery is proud to present "Yvette Gellis: Ephemera", on view at  the gallery from July 23rd through August 27th. Ephemera is a series of large  paintings by artist Yvette Gellis that appears abstract at first viewing but,  upon closer examination, reveals discernible fragments of representation.  Perhaps Gellis explains it best herself: “the work teeters back and forth  between the ambiguity of abstraction and the restraints of representation.”  Gellis’ painting process begins as a gestural dialogue with particular homes and  buildings near her 18th Street Arts Center studio, which she will often document  in various states of destruction or decay. As Gellis liberally and deftly  applies paint in a series of wide, muscular swaths offset by delicate  calligraphic swipes, an impending sense of abstraction emerges. Vantage points  are obscured, compositional liberty is taken, angles are askew, and ultimately,  what began as a quasi-representational rendering is transformed into a  phenomenological, psychological, or even a spiritual response.

There is an emotional charge to Gellis’ work. Her first major exhibition (a  2008 solo exhibition at LA’s impactful Kim Light Gallery) garnered critical  praise by writer Constance Mallinson in Art in America for its, “lively repartee  between the illusion of deep, infinite space and the immediate surface pleasure  of energetic abstract painting.” She was chosen in 2009 by artist Lita Albuquerque to participate in  the group exhibition In Bed Together at ROYAL/T, with Albuquerque writing that  in viewing Gellis’ work she finds herself, “engaged in Theatre, where perception  directs movement, an exchange of energy between the viewer and the performance  of paint.” She will also have a solo exhibition at Brunnhofer Galerie, Austria, in September 2011. Gellis’  work invokes elements of the schools that came before her—Light and Space  artists James Turrell and  Robert Irwin in their push to  explore perceptual phenomena; AbEx’s unremitting return to the “mark”; and the  Hudson River School’s  romanticism—yet there is no single word or movement that can encompass the work.

The artist likens her work to an event, a situational explication of the  sublime, or as she prefers to quote philosopher Edmund Burke, “tranquility tinged with terror.” In recent  projects—including her 2009 Violet Jolt sculptural installation at Stuyvesant  and 9th outside of New York  University—the event aspect is indeed clearly present in Gellis’ work,  compelling the passerby to experience and engage the artist’s “mark” in three  dimensions. Yet the paintings in Ephemera are a return, and more importantly, an  expansion of something much more essential to the artist—paint. Holding a Master  of Fine Arts degree from Claremont  Graduate University, Gellis has both an exceptional vision and  imagination, and the breadth of technical skill necessary to bring it to life.  For all her creative capacity however, Gellis’ work is ultimately about the act  of painting itself—about forgetting everything and allowing the work to take on  a life of its own.

Featuring multiple artists' work in a variety of styles and mediums,  Garboushian Gallery is a well lit display of what modern artists are capable of.  As a collector himself, Garboushian will be the first to tell you that art is  all about what speaks to you, which is why he's collected such a wide array of  different works, providing something beautiful for everyone. Visit the  gallery's website at ... <>


A short journey from Vienna, in the town of Klosterneuburg, is the Essl Collection Museum, which occupies its very own purpose-built art museum by the Danube. It houses Austria′s biggest private collection of contemporary art. Art collecting powerhouse couple, Agnes and Karlheinz Essl (Karlheinz Essl is the founder of bauMax, a chain of do-it-yourself and garden centres) believe that “art enriches life and releases innovative forces,” the two have always sought to collect challenging works. The collection was originally meant to be housed in the 'MuseumsQuartier' in Vienna, but after a long - and typically Austrian - argument about the architecture of the museum it was built in Klosterneuburg, where they live and where bauMax has its headquarters. The striking building was designed by the award-winning Austrian architect Heinz Tesar and when it opened in 1999, the Essls could now display a collection that boasted the likes of Damien Hirst, Paul McCarthy, Thomas Struth, Andreas Gursky, Bill Viola, Tony Oursler and Jonathan Meese. Visitors enter the Exhibition Building of the Essl Collection through an entrance pavilion in the southern part of the building. From the entrance hall and the light-flooded stair hall that extends freely over all five storeys one reaches the first floor with its inner courtyard, lawn and water basin. This floor also contains the lobby, the entrance to the library, the galleries and the exhibition hall. On the mezzanine floor, a spacious studio is used for the numerous events and activities of the educational program. The six large storage rooms on the ground floor with a total floor space of 2,500 sq. meters are supplemented by additional rooms devoted to conservation, workshops, technical equipment and the administration of the artworks in the storage rooms. The seven galleries which are located on the west side contain the permanent display of the Essl Collection. They each have different dimensions and are lit through their three meter high skylights. The east-facing Exhibition Hall receives its daylight from the windows along one side and is visually linked to the corridor on the floor below that leads to the art storage rooms. The Rotunda connects the Exhibition Hall with the "Large Hall" on the floor above. Adjacent to it is the Lecture Hall, where lectures, special events and music performances are held. The Rotunda connects the Exhibition Hall with the Large Hall. It has been intentionally left empty and is filled only with the sounds of specifically conceived sound installations by various composers. The "Large Hall", where the sculptures and installations are displayed is lit by windows along one side as well as by skylights. The hall is covered by an 820 sq. meter roof that is shaped like a wave. Adjacent to the "Large Hall" are the Café and the museum shop.

Situated approximately 600 meters from the Essl Museum, the Schömer-Haus (also designed by Heinz Tesar) is just a few minutes’ walk away. Although its main function is as the Schömer-bauMax-Corporate Group headquarters it also provides extra exhibition space for the Essl Museum. Entry is free. it serves as an exhibition hall for the Essl collection and as a concert hall. The concert series, Music at the Schömer-Haus, has been curated by the composer Karlheinz Essl since 1992. About four times a year, the building is transformed into a venue for exceptional musical events, where primarily New Music is presented with all its radical, unconventional facets. Visit the museum (and Schömer-Haus) website at:  <>

With more than 6.000 exhibits the Essl Collection today offers an excellent overview of Austrian painting since 1945, placing it in an international context. Collecting in depth was always an essential idea and the artists' development in the course of their oeuvre was to be shown. The scope of the Austrian exhibits in the Collection ranges from the Abstract Expressionism of the 50's and 60's to the Vienna Actionism and New Painting of the 80s and all the way to the reductionist art of the 90s. In addition to the post-war paintings the Collection contains an important group of works of Classical Austrian Modernism. In the past few years the selection of the works by international artists has been made mainly on the basis of their significance for painting and their relationship to the Austrian art tradition. Among the well-known artists represented are; Arnulf Rainer, Sam Francis, Maria Lassnig, Antoni Tàpies, Hermann Nitsch, Günter Brus, Georg Baselitz, Markus Lüpertz, Valie Export, Markus Oehlen, Daniel Richter, Gerhard Richter, Hubert Schmalix, Siegfried Anzinger, Jonathan Meese, Sean Scully, Per Kirkeby, Oskar Kokoschka, Lois Renner, Gottfried Helnwein, Karel Appel and Krystufek . The collection is supplemented in photography, video and sculpture by the work of Franz West, Nam June Paik, Shirin Neshat, Cindy Sherman, Jannis Kounellis and Barbara Szüts as well as high-quality sculptures.

Currently the Essl Museum has 3 exhibitions on exhibition. “India Awakens” (until February 13th 2011) is in the main exhibitions hall and presents the new generation of contemporary Indian artists. Alongside paintings, sculpture and photography the exhibition will include spacious video installations and contemporary Tribal Art. All works were acquired by the Essl Museum and have partly been created specifically for this exhibition. In the main hall, under the title of “Private Wurm”, one of Austria’s most internationally successful artists, Erwin Wurm presents recent works (until 30th January 2011). In this personal show the artist takes a look at his childhood and youth. In his work, Wurm explores the realms of action art, performance art and sculpture and translates them into a contemporary media context. “Beautiful Klosterneuburg”, a personal choice of works selected by German artist Albert Oehlen is presented in the seven gallery rooms (until 8th May 2011). The exhibition features paintings and sculptures by artists including Rudolf Hausner, Friedensreich Hundertwasser but also contemporary art by Paul McCarthy and Heimo Zobernig. In the 1980s, Albert Oehlen was part of the “Neue Wilde” group, which included names such as Martin Kippenberger, Werner Büttner and his own brother Markus Oehlen. These “new savages” took an ironic stance and challenged the entire medium of painting. At  the nearby Schömer-Haus art collector Agnes Essl takes a look at artists whose work has been represented in The Essl Collection from its inception and who have become creative “Associates of Long Standing (until spring 2011). Of the idea behind the exhibition, Agnes Essl says: “In our first guest-book I found an invitation to a preview of Kurt Moldovan’s work for 10 November 1979. This exhibition was one of the first we had organised in a very private context in our home for our relatives and a few friends. Then others followed, among them Rudolf Hradil, Herbert Breiter, Ernst Gradischnig, Gottfried Salzmann, Markus Vallazza, Hans Kruckenhauser and Giselbert Hoke. That was the beginning of our collection!”

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY - Before K20 closes for about a year and a half on 28th April 2008, the museum on Grabbeplatz ( K20) will present its most important masterpieces in a comprehensive farewell show. Pablo Picasso’s monumental work “Deux femmes nues assises” (1920) from the artist’s classicist period is among these masterpieces. Georges Braque’s Cubist still life “Nature morte, harpe et violon” (1911) and Marc Chagall’s dynamic composition “Le violoniste” (1911) are further indisputable highlights of the exhibition. Wassily Kandinsky’s “Komposition IV” (1911) and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s “Mädchen unter Japanschirm” (1909) represent two of the outstanding examples of Expressionist painting. “Die Nacht (1918/19) and “Selbstbildnis mit Sektglas” (1919) bei Max Beckmann also fall into this category.

LISBON.- Portugal Arte 10 EDP, a new month-long bi-annual art exhibition, announces its inaugural edition to debut July 16, 2010 in Lisbon and the surrounding region. Conceived by Artistic Director Stefan Simchowitz and President Miguel Carvalho, Portugal Arte 10 EDP distinguishes itself from other international art events by creating a sense of public engagement with the greater art-world. Portugal Arte 10 EDP will feature a large and ambitious program of specially commissioned public sculpture projects and site-specific installations, alongside 8 curated group exhibitions, each addressing themes relevant to contemporary life. It will be spread across Lisbon and its surrounding regions, including city squares, walkways, beach territories, and historic interior spaces.

Chicago, IL - USA Today is an exhibition of works  from the MCA’s collection, made primarily in the 1980s and 90s that  reveals the continuing resonance and complexity of topics spanning freedom of  expression, militarism, the pursuit of social justice, the dynamics of race, and  the human and economic consequences of globalization as defining elements in our  society today. The exhibition includes works in a variety of media from  painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and video to artists’ books and  presents the work of artists based locally, nationally, and internationally.  USA Today, on view through March 15, 2009.
ST. PETERSBURG.- On 25 October 2009, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg and the Saatchi Gallery, London will jointly present Newspeak: British Art Now, featuring some of the most exciting artists to have emerged in the UK in the last few years and are largely unknown in the wider art world. This exhibition forms part of the 'Hermitage 20/21' project, an ambitious program aimed at showcasing the best of contemporary art in the Hermitage and expanding the display of 20th century art.

 ATLANTA, GA.- The High Museum of Art will premiere an exhibition of new work by California based photographer Robert Weingarten in January 2010. Weingarten’s project consists of twenty large-scale digitally-created portraits of American icons, and represents a bold departure from traditional camera portraiture. For “The Portrait Unbound,” Weingarten created sophisticated digital compositions of imagery alluding to specific achievements or moments within the subject’s life. The result is a unique and compelling collage of images that describes the subject through biographical rather than physical information. Organized by the High Museum, “The Portrait Unbound: Photographs by Robert Weingarten” will be on view from January 23 to April 4, 2010.

Posted: 13 Jul 2011 09:03 PM PDT Moscow - Communist party officials received a painting that had been stolen from the State Hermitage Museum in 2001.  The work by French artist Jean-Leon Gerome is titled "Piscine du Harem"c.1876 and is valued at around $1 million dollars.  According to Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov an unidentified man brought a package to the Communist party's parliamentary offices. Party officials found a painting cut in four pieces.  According to Viktor Petrakov, from Russia's federal culture agency, the work had been identified as the one by Jean-Leon Gerome.
Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart at SFMOMA

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is pleased to present Abstract Rhythms: Paul Klee and Devendra Banhart, on view through February 24, 2008. The exhibition explores the relationship between music and visual art, pairing Klee’s works on paper with those by the young contemporary artist Banhart.
MCA Denver Showcases Large-Scale Works by Damien Hirst

DENVER, CO - MCA DENVER proudly presents Damien        Hirst’s signature works, including the piece "Saint Sebastian, Exquisite        Pain", 2007 from the Natural History series, which features        animals preserved in formaldehyde and displayed in large glass vitrines.        The exhibition opens October 7, 2008 and runs through August 30,        2009. A public reception will be held on Friday, October 10 from        6-10pm. The Hirst pieces at MCA DENVER are on loan from the Artist and the        Goss-Michael Collection. This exhibition is curated by Cydney Payton,        Executive Director and Chief Curator of MCA Denver.        
BRAUNSCHWEIG, GERMANY - Kunstverein Braunschweig presents a Mark Wallinger retrospective, on view through November 11, 2007. Mark Wallinger (b. 1959) is one of the circle of artists who, under the rubric “Young British Art”, caused a stir in the art world in the 1990s.

A large, humorous bronze sculpture with historical references, Large Covered Wagon, by renowned artist Tom Otterness, will soon grace the grassy intersection of Prospect Street and Washington Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn’s vibrant arts community. The sculpture, which is almost 15-½ feet long and seven feet tall, depicts a smiling, pipe-puffing pioneer woman steering a covered wagon with the assistance of her yoked bull. Unveiling in DUMBO, with a celebration on April 15, 2007, Large Covered Wagon will be on view through January 4, 2009.  

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